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CASE RNs is growing and it's because of you. RN's and Associates from across Canada are joining our ranks because they see the value in connecting with self-employed nurses who are working on the leading edge of innovative nursing services.
A small but growing percentage of nurses are embracing their prerogative to be in independent clinical practice.
All Registered Nurses who by definition work in independent practice are welcome to become members.

Membership Categories

Category A - Registered Nurse Member (voting)

An individual who is a Canadian self-employed Registered Nurse or Nurse Practitioner (practising or registered non-practising class), and who supports the objectives of the Association.

Category B - Healthcare Associate (non-voting)

Any healthcare professional who is interested in supporting the objectives of the Association including Registered Nurses who are not self-employed, RPN/LPN's who may or may not be self-employed, or nurses who are no longer registered with their college. 

Category C - Industry Associate (non-voting)

Any individual who is employed by or represents a company whose primary business is related to healthcare, and who supports the objectives of the Association. Non-healthcare related professionals or organizations are welcome to    approach us for membership.

Category D/E - Student Member (non-voting)

Any individual who is currently registered in a Graduate or Undergraduate program, and has an interest in independent practice nursing.

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Definition of an Independent Practice Nurse
An independent practice nurse is defined as, “A registered nurse who provides professional nursing services, as a proprietor of a business, through direct patient care, education, research, administration or consultation.” Nurse Entrepreneurship publication - "Seizing the Challenge"
                                                                       Carol L. Hamilton

Would your organization benefit from being part of a national organization?                              

If the vision for your group align with ours, your members could be part of a Special Interest Group under CASE RNs. With our Board of Directors and Bylaws in place, a platform from which to launch, and a page on the CASE RNs website, you will be up and running overnight.

Reach out to us to learn more!

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