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Our History

CASE RNs was created by a small group of nurses acting on their commitment to nursing practice and their desire to revolutionize patient care. Across Canada, our nurses risk leaving the familiar hospital-based model of care to serve the public in another meaningful way. 

CASE RNs formalized in 2019 to promote and advocate for the advancement of independent practice nurses nationally and internationally. CASE RNs members recognize the need to transform the current healthcare system and transform the delivery of care in the community. 

Self-employed Nurses provide innovative solutions to systemic healthcare issues.

Independent practice Nurses use a holistic model of care to meet the unique needs of individuals and their families. We’re bridge builders, effectively supporting patients in their lifelong journey across the entire practice of care. 

Regulated Nurses are well positioned to address the gaps between hospital and community, given the current fragile and fragmented medical system. 

Nurses in independent practice offer innovative services and critical assessments that save the publicly-funded system time and money, which better serves the needs of Canadians. 

CASE RNs Community

Our goal is to help members prosper in their selected healthcare business. 

We provide networking and learning opportunities for our members to help optimize their self-employment.

CASE RNs members are Regulated Nurses who are self-employed, and in many cases are entrepreneurs.

These nurses provide varied nursing skills such as clinical case management, advocacy, navigation, private duty nursing, mental health assessment and support, pre and postnatal care, cognitive therapy, specialized wound, ostomy and continence care, and more.

CASE RNs offers a virtual monthly meeting, working intra-professionally whenever possible, that members may benefit through shared knowledge and experience. 

Providing support for nurses who want to become self-employed and grow their independent practice is a key benefit of membership.

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