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CASE RNs is a Canadian Association of Registered Nurses who are self employed, or operating their own business, and/or providing nursing services outside the public health care system.

We are dedicated to building on the incredible talent of Registered Nurses in independent practice.

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We welcome Registered Nurses in Canada who are self-employed, those considering a move into independent practice, and associate members who wish to support the goals and objectives of the organization.

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What does CASE RNs do?

Supports the unique abilities, expertise and contributions of nurses in independent practice;
Innovates and actively supports cutting-edge, nurse-driven research and nurse led policy and practice activities that improve patient outcomes;
Addresses the complex care needs of the community;
Fosters collaborative practice;
Furthers the skills, knowledge and expertise of nurses, and;
Highlights the gaps that nurses in independent practice can fill, not only in primary care but in the community-based specialized practices too.
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Why are members of the Canadian Association of Self Employed Registered Nurses devoted to creating a strong organization?

CASE RNs First President Susan Hagar (2019-2021) describes the benefits of creating a community focused on collaboration, innovation and training.
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Our Mission

CASE RNs is your national professional association of Registered Nurses established to:
Build and promote business leaders in Nursing
Drive innovation in Nursing and healthcare
Recognize  and support Nursing excellence in independent practice

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Our Vision

Independent Practice Nurses are recognized as an innovative partner in providing healthcare

Creating a Community

Our goal is to help members prosper in their chosen health care business.
We do it by providing networking and learning opportunities. At the same time CASE RNs is educating the public and policymakers on the ever-expanding scope of nursing practice, and how this benefits health care consumers.
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CASE RNs is a member of CNA's Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties

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