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The Canadian Association of Self-Employed Regulated Nurses (CASE RNs) seeks to build on the incredible talent of self-employed nurses, operating a business or providing nursing services outside the traditional public health care system. We welcome and support Regulated Nurses in Canada who are self-employed, considering the transition into independent practice, and associate members who want to support our goals and objectives. 

What does CASE RNs do?

    • Supports the unique abilities, expertise and contributions of nurses in independent practice
    • Actively supports cutting-edge nurse-driven research, policy and practice activities that improve patient outcomes
    • Addresses the complex care needs of the community
    • Fosters collaborative practice
    • Furthers the skills, knowledge and expertise of nurses
    • Highlights the crucial role of nurses in independent practice, not only in primary care but also in community-based specialized practices

CASE RNs is established to:

  • Build and promote business leaders in Nursing

  • Drive innovation in Nursing and healthcare

  • Recognize and support Nursing excellence in independent practice

CASE RNs connect Regulated Nurses who are self-employed and offering their services outside the public health care system.

We support members through networking and educational events, while informing the public and policy-makers on the ever-expanding scope of nursing practice and how it benefits healthcare consumers. 

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CASE RNs is a member of CNA's Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties

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