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We're focused on our members needs!

CASE RNs listens to its members across Canada. We identify the ongoing needs by focused surveys, and connect members through webinars, networking events, symposiums and our Annual General Meeting.
In addition to being part of a national network of self-employed Registered Nurses who are driving innovation in health care, CASE RNs offers these benefits:
Our organization offers members an opportunity to be nominated and elected into leadership positions, in order to help shape the future of self-employed Registered Nurses in the Canadian health care system. Every member gets to influence the decision making with a vote at the Annual General Meeting.
We're continually evolving to create new opportunities to learn and grow. Here are some of the ways we can help you:
develop a business plan
facilitate business development and operations plan
financial management
marketing and promotion
guidance around professional practice standards

We promote and support research activity through public or private research funding, to add grounded nursing theory and evidence-based guidelines that will support independent practice nurses.

We listen and connect with members across Canada. We have a Regional Director to represent each province, identifying to the Association specific regional issues or requirements of nurses in independent practice.
Media and Promotion
We know how important it is to communicate with the public and politicians, to eliminate nurses working in “silos”. Utilizing social media, newspaper articles, public presentations and exhibition booths, we serve as a voice for nurses in independent practice.
We deliver ongoing learning resources to aid our members in professional development, including a salary survey, work diversity manual, modernized health treatment modalities, restorative health care and self-help treatment for clients, discounts on workshops, conferences, E-Blasts, and Information Links.

Who is eligible to join CASE RNs?

Click here to learn more about our membership opportunities for Registered Nurses, those who are currently self-employed and retired self-employed Registered Nurses.

CASE RNs is also eager to build our Associate membership of health professionals, student nurses and others in the healthcare industry.

Social media, newspaper articles, making speakers available to promote and recognize self-employed nurses, essential health care providers, such as nurse clinicians, consultants, educators, researchers and business owners and operators.

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Email: admin@case-rns.ca
Messenger: m.me/caserns

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