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Attaining psychospiritual wholeness: My journey to becoming a soulwork practitioner.

  • 3 Nov 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Virtual over Zoom



Guest Speaker is Denise Neumann-Fuhr

Certified Transformational Coach, RN, MMT candidate

Denise helps others attain psychospiritual wholeness by reconnecting them with primordial wisdom and their own Divine nature. Her work is grounded in psychospirtual and transpersonal realms of thought, practice, and worldviews.

Indigenous Spirituality was her entry point into this understanding. Formal training includes an MA in the field of Transpersonal Psychology (2009) and certification as a Transformational Coach (2010). Corollary transpersonal psychology understandings that inform Denise’s work include symbolism, and her work with archetypes such as shadow, the divine masculine & feminine, and the wounded child (to name a few).

Adding to this mix, is training in Hakomi (a bodycentered method of assisted self-study), compassion cultivation, IFS or parts work, psychedelic therapy, meditation & yoga, energy practices, celebrant training, and Wisdom School education. Underscoring all of this is 20 years of personal healing work; this has been fundamental to the embodiment of the lessons and teachings acquired.

Denise is currently attending Mindfulness Meditation Teacher training with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach (class of 2023). She has recently completed training in Coaching for Selfleadership (IFS Model) as well as Nursing and Sacred Medicines: An introduction to Psychedelic therapy.

Denise has been a nurse educator for 13 years. She has recently left her teaching position at Queen’s University to devote herself full-time to her psychospiritual healing practice. In addition to providing 1:1 sessions, Denise offers courses on compassion and heart-based living, as well as a 10-month workshop series called The 8 Gates Project that explores the tasks, challenges and gifts of the second half of life.


Participants will-

a. Learn about Denise’s journey to becoming a soulworker including the methods and practices used to guide her clients to an experience of soul.

b. Learn about the essential nature of the mind-body-soul axis in healing.

c. Understand the quality of the numinous in the context of a client healing session


Website: www.deniseneumannfuhr.ca

Email: denise.n.fuhr@gmail.com

Phone: 613.329.6224

Social Media 

a. Instagram: @denise.nf

b. Linked-In: Denise Neumann-Fuhr

c. Facebook: Denise.n.fuhris  (not routinely monitored)

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