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Why We Exist

CASE RNs was launched by a small group of nurses who acted on their commitment to nursing practice as well as their desire to revolutionize patient care. Across Canada our nurses have taken the risk of leaving the familiar hospital-based model of care to serve the public in another meaningful way.

In 2019 CASE RNs formalized to promote and advocate for the advancement of independent practice nurses, both nationally and internationally.  Our members recognize the need to transform the current healthcare 'system' and transform the delivery of care in the community.

Self-employed nurses provide innovative solutions

Independent practice nurses use a holistic model of care to meet the unique needs of individuals and their families.We're bridge builders, effectively supporting patients in their lifelong journey across the continuum of care.
Registered Nurses are well positioned to address the gap between hospital and community, given the silos in care delivery and fragmentation of the medical system.
Nurses in independent practice offer innovative services and critical assessments that save the publicly-funded system time and money, which better serves the needs of Canadians.

Be Part of a National Network

The Canadian Association of Self Employed Registered Nurses connects Registered Nurses who are self-employed and offering their services outside the public health care system. We support members through networking and educational events, while informing the public and policy-makers on the ever expanding scope of nursing practice, and how that benefits health care consumers.

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